Ryan Brown, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Trajectories of depressive symptoms early in the course of bereavement: Patterns, psychosocial factors and risk of prolonged grief.

Stress and health : journal of the International Society for the Investigation of Stress

Majd M, Chen MA, Chirinos DA, Brown RL, LeRoy AS, Murdock KW, Wu-Chung EL, Thayer JF, Fagundes CP

Associations between klotho and telomere biology in high stress caregivers.


Brown RL, Epel EE, Lin J, Dubal DB, Prather AA

Employment and family income in psychological and immune outcomes during bereavement.


Paoletti J, Chen MA, Wu-Chung EL, Brown RL, LeRoy AS, Murdock KW, Heijnen CJ, Fagundes CP

Lexical markers of cognitive reappraisal, bereavement, and proinflammatory cytokine production.

Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association

Shahane AD, Brown RL, Denny BT, Fagundes CP

Emotion Regulation, Parasympathetic Function, and Psychological Well-Being.

Frontiers in psychology

Brown RL, Chen MA, Paoletti J, Dicker EE, Wu-Chung EL, LeRoy AS, Majd M, Suchting R, Thayer JF, Fagundes CP

Grief Symptoms Promote Inflammation During Acute Stress Among Bereaved Spouses.

Psychological science

Brown RL, LeRoy AS, Chen MA, Suchting R, Jaremka LM, Liu J, Heijnen C, Fagundes CP

Immune and Epigenetic Pathways Linking Childhood Adversity and Health Across the Lifespan.

Frontiers in psychology

Chen MA, LeRoy AS, Majd M, Chen JY, Brown RL, Christian LM, Fagundes CP

Childhood maltreatment, subjective social status, and health disparities in bereavement.


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Socioeconomic disparities in health: Changes in sleep quality and inflammation during bereavement.

Comprehensive psychoneuroendocrinology

Wu EL, Brown RL, Chirinos DA, Chen MA, de Dios MA, Taylor DM, Butner JE, Heijnen CJ, Fagundes CP

Relationship satisfaction determines the association between Epstein-Barr virus latency and somatic symptoms after the loss of a spouse.

Personal Relationships

LeRoy AS, Petit WE, Brown RL, Murdock KW, Garcini LM, Stowe RP, Fagundes CP

Cognitive reappraisal and nasal cytokine production following experimental rhinovirus infection.

Brain, behavior, & immunity - health

Brown RL, Shahane AD, Chen MA, Fagundes CP

Bereavement among widowed Latinos in the United States: A systematic review of methodology and findings.

Death studies

Garcini LM, Brown RL, Chen MA, Saucedo L, Fite AM, Ye P, Ziauddin K, Fagundes CP

Grief, depressive symptoms, and inflammation in the spousally bereaved.


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Kicks Hurt Less: Discrimination Predicts Distress Beyond Trauma among Undocumented Mexican Immigrants.

Psychology of violence

Garcini LM, Chen MA, Brown RL, Galvan T, Saucedo L, Cardoso JAB, Fagundes CP

Improving Breast Cancer Survivors' Psychological Outcomes and Quality of Life: Alternatives to Traditional Psychotherapy.

Current breast cancer reports

LeRoy AS, Shields A, Chen MA, Brown RL, Fagundes CP

Obesity, Dietary Factors, Nutrition, and Breast Cancer Risk.

Current breast cancer reports

Seiler A, Chen MA, Brown RL, Fagundes CP