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The Aging, Metabolism, and Emotions (AME) Center, based at the UCSF Center for Health and Community, conducts research on how people can thrive in both mind and body, especially when under severe adversity such as poverty, caregiving, work stress and depression. We focus on understanding optimal health, and the interrelationships between biological aging, metabolism, and emotion regulation.

Researchers within our center conduct basic, translational and intervention research with the goal of improving the ‘healthspan’, or number of years of life with good health, of individuals and communities, from conception to the 'golden years'. Our studies focus on understanding how enhancing emotion regulation and coping mechanisms as well as daily lifestyle and restorative behaviors, including sleep, physical activity, social connectivity and purpose in life, may improve biological and psychological resilience to aging.

Our center is home to several research programs that focus on stress and metabolism including the Consortium for Obesity Assessment, Study and Treatment (COAST), an interdisciplinary consortium of researchers at UCSF, that aims to reduce the prevalence and adverse consequences of obesity, and the Sugar, Stress, Environment and Weight (SSEW) Initiative, a UC-wide consortium of research scientists and clinicians who are working together to reduce the adverse consequences of the obesity epidemic and related metabolic diseases. We lead an NIH Stress Network, and a UC cross campus study on reducing work stress with digital meditation training.

Elissa Epel, PhD 

Director of the UCSF Aging, Metabolism and Emotion Center