Samantha Schilf

Executive Director, AME Center
+1 415 476-3818

Samantha Schilf is the Executive Director for the UCSF Aging, Metabolism, and Emotion (AME) Center and the Sugar, Stress, Environment, and Weight (SSEW) Center. She joined the UCSF Center for Health and Community as a project manager in 2010, and has supported various research efforts that examine how the stress-disease link can be broken when individuals engage in regular restorative health behaviors (i.e., exercise, mindfulness meditation, mindful eating). Her interests also include exploring novel ways to utilize technology, media and the arts to address public health issues and promote health equity.


The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Psychological Functioning in Family Caregivers: Secondary Analyses of a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Annals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine

Hives BA, Buckler EJ, Weiss J, Schilf S, Johansen KL, Epel ES, Puterman E

Aerobic exercise lengthens telomeres and reduces stress in family caregivers: A randomized controlled trial - Curt Richter Award Paper 2018.


Puterman E, Weiss J, Lin J, Schilf S, Slusher AL, Johansen KL, Epel ES